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Default Re: Invasion Minimums?

Santa came today and delivered my Xmas gift early. And he did it in a heavy snow storm which produced 14" of snow. What a crazy day today. So back to game....

I also I'm having a problem with invasions. I'm playing Japan. So on the 1st turn, I'm trying to invade 3 bases(Luzon, Leyte, and Wake) with the 3 transports available. I send the PH raid as set-up at start. Remaining Japan Home forces split between Wake and Leyte invasions. Split all ships in Formosa to Philippines Invasions. Basically, Marianas forces go to Leyte and Truk/Kwajalein forces go to Wake. Hit Go/Combat goes as follows....

1)PH raid(battle boards with normal results)
2)Luzon invasion(battle boards with invasion good)
3)Wake invasion (battle boards with invasion good)

Combat over / Turn ends

4?)Leyte invasion(no battle boards and I read in the battle reports on the next turn that the invasion failed.

So is there a rule I'm missing? I did read the rulebook(maybe too quickly?). Or maybe a bug?

Game is still fun. Good job!


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