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Default Re: Sea Lanes Offensive

I do use a similar strategy. Thought, I think you can do better if you ignore wake island and goes for Guadalcanal instead. This will allow you to attack Brisbane that will block lots of allied ships.

Actually, I just finish a game (against the computer) where I have succeeded in all the objectives simultaneously that is raid on the three main Allied base. All oil point secured, Home island secured and Hawaii captured and rebuild and of course Esperitu Santo hold long enough. I win in Jan 43 with Port Darwin under Japanese control for flavor.

I see several Flaws in the allied AI that made this strategy successful :

_ The AI attack the Home Island on 2nd turn, so just mass your fleet as to kill them.
_ The Tarrawa seems far more important than the Sallomon (port moresby, guadalcanal, Rabaul (less as it protect Truck)...) because you can reach the 3 sea lane port from here.
_ The AI don't attack Espiritu Santo with enough aggresivity, like if it did not reallise how dangerous it is for them.

I think that the AI is too predictable and a not reacting enough to the threat to its sea lane.
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