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Default Re: Sea Lanes Offensive

I've had success using this strategy as well.
One game I won in Oct '42 using the route through Espirito Santo.
I had a 12 month supply of oil at the time.

My next attempt was dealt a very bad blow on Turn 2; I recieved NO SNLF that month. yikes!! It was a nail-biter till the end.
I invaded Tarawa, Singapore and Borneo in Turn 3. There was an attack on Singapore next month, a raid on Borneo and the Home Islands got pummeled. The next month I took Samoea, as the Home Islands were attacked again; of course most of the fleet was there by then! The game ended up a win in Sept '42, with 15 months of oil in reserve. There was a massive Midway style engagement at Samoea in Aug... the Allied AI obviously understood the danger.

All in all, this is a FABULOUS game!!!
The kind I have wanted to see on the computer since I played AH's Victory in the Pacific.
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