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Default Re: Mac Bugs

And another bug I just noticed recently...

The following line is in fb_rav_head.ini (in the main game, no mods):
SOND 100 0 combat/fb_ravhead.wav fire
However, there isn't a file named fb_ravhead.wav in the sounds/combat folder. As a result, whenever the ravian head is generated, the sound of course doesn't play, and I get the following error message in terminal on -verbose:
ERROR: audio_loadasset can't find combat/fb_ravhead.wav
audio_refasset: couldn't find combat/fb_ravhead.wav
Again, relatively minor, since it doesn't crash the game. Not certain if this error is just in the mac version, of if it affects PCs as well.

(If you're on a PC, and your version has that file, please post it to the forums so those of us on macs can download it and find out what we've been missing.)
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