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Enrico! Yes, Mike has me salivating with his beautiful ships and components! It is a very interesting idea of yours -a game from the point of view of the Gamilons! Mmmm… me making a short mod? That is my trademark! It is easier to make a mod based on someone story than for me to fabricate one. Multiverse is taking me forever because I just spend a great deal of time thinking up the story. The Gamilons… I am still to finish my Multiverse mod (I am presently taking a short brake playing ‘The Shining Force III’ In my opinion The Shinig force series are the best RPG ever created!) I must finish Multiverse...
Where was I? Oh yes, let me go back and review the Star Blazers second series “The Comet Empire” and the third “the Black Nebula Empire” that is a lot of material to cover. Give me time to get some ideas, and I will see how to make it happen. In the mean time check this out:
[Star_Force] Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Film Trailer

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