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Default Basic and Advanced

Since we have a new patch for the AI, I have decided to go ahead and begin working on a couple of mods I have been contemplating.

I have been writing ideas for two mods, that will just make a few changes,...and one that will make quite a few changes. Basic and advanced.

The basic mod is going to change air and sea units to be more role oriented.

Air units,...particularly fighters are not going be multipurpose as they are now,....fighters will be good against other air targets only.....they will not be attack aircraft as well (I plan on adding attack aircraft in the advanced mod, along with making bombers more bomber like).
Destroyers and Cruisers will have their real life roles. Destroyers will be escorts whose primary job is dealing with subs. Cruisers will be the workhorse of any fleet, providing grund support and air defense as well as its primary function of killing oither ships. Subs are going to be made MUCH more lethal to surface ships, and transports are going to be weakened a little.

I am tweaking the numbers right now,... and should have something to release in a week or so.

The Advanced mod is going to make some significant changes to the units and research 'tree'. I am going to wait until after I finish the basic mod before I jump into work on the advanced mod.
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