Thread: OS X crash log?
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Default Re: OS X crash log?

"Bus Error" or "Fatal signal: Bus Error (SDL Parachute Deployed)"
(depending on which version of SDL frameworks installed, the game's PPC or Intel/UB from internet)

lots of complaints about missing audio files:
"ERROR: audio_loadasset can't find combat/i_systm1.wav
audio_refasset: couldn't find combat/i_systm1.wav"

(i checked to make sure those files were in the default game audio folder, and they are)

"out of the box," i had to replace the openal.framework with a modern Intel version from the web, or remove it completely, in order to get the audio working at all.

any ideas? i'm trying to figure out why a bunch of mods don't work. currently trying to get "Added Content" to work. it crashes just sitting there watching the ships fight on the title/menu screen. MIGHT be related to a large ship explosion about to occur, but i cannot be sure.