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Exclamation Re: OS X crash log?

[quote=dysamoria;767198]"Bus Error" or "Fatal signal: Bus Error (SDL Parachute Deployed)"
(depending on which version of SDL frameworks installed, the game's PPC or Intel/UB from internet)

(i checked to make sure those files were in the default game audio folder, and they are)/QUOTE]

Hey there. I figured I might chime in. I have gotten Fatal Signals with SDL Parachutes being deployed before, and almost every time had to do with me adding new content without changing the according references. I am in fact having the same problem with my newest mod.

There is no quick fix, with WW, it seem the SDL parachute gets deployed when there are missing resources.

The audio files that are there even though the verbose text says they aren't, is an indicator. It gives you a sort of idea where the missing/incorrect reference is.

I can only help you so much without having the files here in front of me.
My advice (what I just recently started doing) is create a table (spreadsheet mindmap, whatever works for you) in which you cross-reference all the changes. I cut down >90% of my errors after implementing this strategy.