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Default Re: OS X crash log?

yeah, i spent hours disassembling the mod and trying to rebuild it piece by piece to solve the problem, but i gave up. it's just too much work for me, just to play the thing. it's really damn frustrating because the mod is the "added content" mod, which i believe was by the original developers, and i like that mod's content a lot. sigh. the developers really need to get with it and update this game. i don't see why they're letting it rot on the Mac platform... (heck, it's gone no where for years on Windows either, but at least it works properly there). there needs to be a resource manager for mod editing/creation. it's just too much to maintain with spreadsheets and memory... sure as hell too much for me. i have problems with working memory (my brain).

EDIT: my bad; "Added Content" is a user mod. Still, i wanna play it. i wanna play several mods and they ALL crash.

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