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Default Re: Balance Mod

Lets see, what else have I done in my mod? (and I've shameless used yours as a base! ).

I guess here are the high-points:

1) Gave APCs +1 Attack and better damage (about double...they are actually worth using now.

2) Increased infantry HPs by 50% at all techs. I went with double for a while, but with APCs being more useful and with other units being tweaked, they are probably fine with 50% more.

3) Cut bomber damage by half. This is across the board, not just using the multipliers. I also cut their range to 3. And they are STILL an extremely powerful unit. In 'stock', they were beyond broken lol.

4) Upped Fighter cost to 25/6. I also scaled their land attack to 40% and reduced their range to 3. Again they are still one of better and more verstatile units out there.

5) Doubled the effect of the Fortified Positions. Each point of defense over the attack value in the combat formula is a 5% decrease in damage so I made the Fortified positions basically reduce damage by 10%, not 5% (give or take).

6) Gave AWACS a +2 Attack value for units. This appears to be working OK, but I can't 100% verify that it has the effect.

7) Cut the cost of tech research in half. The AI loves to spend money on tech and at least this gives it a chance to survive and build units rather than wasting it all on tech every turn.

8) Increased the Initiative and damage of Mobile Arty a bit. We found that these things really just weren't worth having. They acted too infrequently, were extremely fragile and even when they attacked, their damage wasnt all that great.

9) I removed the x2 money per province and just made the provinces worth between 8 and 15 instead. It removes a little bit of the money, but I dont mind that with the other changes and it makes more sense that a territory with 11 is worth...well, 11! I also made cities give a 50% bonus (to keep it consistent) and I reduced their cost to 40. The thought here is that in a good (14 or 15) territory, the pay off is about 6 turns. I'm considering having cities grant a 2-point defense bonus as well (cities should be harder to take after all ).

I *think* that's it.
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