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Default Re: Speed?

Speed is a measure of "how long it takes you (or anything) to take a turn".

Things with positive speed (like the knife) will increase your speed, or "decrease the amount of time it takes to do one action".
Things with negative speed have the opposite effect, slowing you down.

Monsters have speed as well, measured on the same scale.

Each time you take a turn, your "speed" is added to a counter for every other entity in the world. That counter is compared to the entity's speed, and if enough 'time' has passed, it will take its action. repeat the check until the entity gets no more actions.

Bunnies, insane acolytes, and bats are all pretty fast, and you might see them taking more than one move or attack in a single turn. Pirate galleons and rock colossus are very slow, and you might be able to move twice for every one of theirs.

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