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Default Re: The Russian way of war

Originally Posted by Aeraaa View Post
Not want to open a new thread, so check this extremely interesting video here:
From this we're told:
Russian Motorized Rifle Brigade =
3x Motorized Rifle Bn
1x Tank Bn
1x Anti-tank Bn
2x Artillery Bn
1x MLRS Bn
1x Engr Bn
Various support Bn's and Co's (Comm, Supply/Support, etc.)

LOTS of artillery (no surprise), the Russian overall tactic is to pound and area into dust with artillery then use their maneuver elements to clean up what's left and seize the terrain. Repeat as needed till you've won the war.

The Soviet Union had the worlds largest Air Force (in terms of numbers), the current Russian AF is the 5th. All "Area" SAMs are now part of the Russian Air Force.

The current Russian army is almost entirely a collection of independent Rifle Brigades, there are only (at the time this vid was released) two divisions in the Russian army, but divisions are currently being re-introduced into the military structure. It's anticipated that once divisions are re-introduced the independent brigades will become exploitation/counter-attack forces.

Russia is currently rebuilding their airborne forces, but it's primarily a tactical asset not a strategic one. I.E. they can grab a key bit of terrain not far behind the lines, but a massive airborne/helicopter of Denmark is out of the question.

Russian naval forces are pitiful, I guess that's what they'll rebuild next.

Logistically the Russians (like the Soviets) are very much tied to Mother Russia, and it's rail network (why railroad troops, i.e. rail repair units, are a major part of the Russian military). Small expeditionary forces (i.e. Syria) they can support, but anything larger is totally outside their capabilities.

The Russians still view ANY conflict with NATO as being a Norway to Turkey war, they don't anticipate anything "localized". And that future warfare WILL NOT be a lengthy conflict, your initial forces and reserves have to carry the day, there will be no time to train and equip new units. Soviet dreams of conquering Europe are not part of current Russian military thought. They still fear NATO invading them, I guess it's just part of the Russian psyche.


Fun to put my analyst hat back on after so many years!
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