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Default Re: WinSPCW Scenario Testing - Antietam, morning, September 17, 1862

The fight in the cornfield continues to be a mess, but I've been able to push forward and take two objective flags. True to history, the 12th Massachusetts Volunteers suffered terribly at the hands of Hays's Louisiana Tigers (in real life, the regiment suffered 67% casualties in less than an hour). Ricketts's flank is too exposed to Ewell, who is still moving up Mumma Lane, so I have the Pennsylvania Reserve brigade move out of the East Woods to help. This is the brigade that was mauled by the reb artillery at the Dunker Church, but since some of those guns have been suppressed and much of the battlefield is obscured by smoke, I have them dash out of the treeline to join the fray in the cornfield. I'm certain that Meade's reserve brigade is moving fast enough to meet Ewell, and the two batteries are almost in position on Mumma Lane. Two batteries of Napoleons have moved up to support Ricketts, and with their vision obscured by the smoke of the fight, the 3-inch Ordnance rifles are limbered up and prepared to move forward. End of turn 3.

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