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Default Re: Mistletoe - an LA game for busy people (in progress)

I am the person Bananadine refers to.

This game is a simultaneous-turn based, means the result is always generated after all players have submitted their orders instead of immediatly resolved. Thus what we read from the messege list is the result of last turn, and the turn you give attack order is also the turn you "officially start war".

The spirit of NAP-N pact is to delay attack by N turns and thus called “none-aggression”. Assuming we have a NAP1 pact, and that does not mean one can attack another at any time given noting him before the new turn is generated, which means no war is delayed at all.

Sorry for my English since its not my native language. I believe you can inquire other verterans in the main forum if it's still not clear.
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