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Fallout Re: MBT's

Thank you Andy, that's what I tried to show in the below ref. I used in Post #694, the table at the bottom of the ref. On similar tables I've seen, the 2000m/2500m marks seem to represent the average benchmark distance used to determine a shells effectiveness of delivery, burn and ultimately penetration and damage assessment. Though to a lesser degree today, Mother Nature, primarily wind, temp/humidity, lift/drag and gravity. Without a benchmark whether it's ammo, your CPU or Graphics card etc. etc. pick something, you'll never know how the subject compares against another of the same or like type object.

I'm just glad I came across those WEG's as they bear this out as the tanks and ammo have advanced through time. The numbers along the timeline are actually very close regardless of who they belong to. It's the other factors that make the biggest difference on the battlefield such as the MG, FCS, Protection, EW, Experience/Training, ROF shall I go on? Too many to count, but, all that I've listed and the others are damm (As in holding water back.) factored in by Andy and Don. And if I to far off base here I'd appreciate a correction here.

To me range never meant a thing (weapons) in the game unless, we're talking about VISION that's the artificiality I'm concerned with here when it comes to equipment that makes me see "forever". How many times also, have others like myself discussed infinitive the importance of LOS out here in the forums and terrain masking when setting up covering fire etc. and moving your troops around? Only in certain environments (Desert/Plains.) will the ammo be more important in general.

There might be some adjusts to be made but, especially after for me and it makes absolute sense when again you look at the below ref. and Andy's Post, I think we're not as bad off as thought.

You'll if you read the table correctly, will see the difference between expected penetration levels for these rounds versus actual for them at the benchmark 2000m mark. That (On average at around 50mm.) represents the difference between a kill or for the crew a chance to "limp home"-maybe.

These graphs should hopefully tie this up in a simple manner.
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