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Originally Posted by lukerduker123 View Post
Howdy! Hope I'm not intruding in on things, but you (DMNT) mentioned satellite mode in an upcoming version. If this gets pushed out (Which I hope it does--I only have one screen so I can't have SPMBT, Google Earth, and the program all up at once) reckon you can add the ability to flip the colors of the hex grid and such? Being able to flip it from black to white and back again would be awful swell, considering how much of a b* it'd be to load up a satellite view, only to be unable to see the hex grid thanks to the color of the terrain. Just throwing the suggestion out there, and thanks for the lovely map. Can't believe my question turned into all this. Well, by that I mean I can't believe the thread is now about the best editor to ever be in this game.
How does it look now? The new hex button (lowest right) toggles between white, grey and black hex grids. Opacity is still set at static 30% value, but it could also be adjusted.
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