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Default Re: Height Maps

Looks fine though prefer original black, thanks for continuing with this its a great little app.

Just my view but contours are fine you have got this to a level where it is very efficient.

Now this is just a thought & aimed more I think at Don & Andy, would it be possible to add the following feature to the map editor to aid with visualising terrain filling.

Auto fill text on the WINSPmap for the coordinates listed on the map.
i.e. from top right 0,0 4,0 8,0 etc.
After the map is completed by my understanding pressing # will clear all the text strings.
This could therefor be implemented if its possible by a key stroke or even SHIFT#

The other pie in the sky question dmnt is you can obviously read & extrapolate the contours data, can you read the terrain data?
If so can you extrapolate main details as in woods, marsh, built up (use red earth or some such)Big question then is can the Camo boys create something that auto populates this data. Guessing that's not how things are set up unfortunately.

Dang anyone know how to set windows transparency?
I used to be able to individually adjust window transparency on my old system with an aftermarket tweak.
Load up map & WINSP map editor
Set map editor window to 80% approx. transparent & just copy the map through it.

Said it before but I would really like to thank Don & Andy for there continued support of this game along with the many other people like yourself dmnt that contribute whether it be with scenarios fact finding or great little apps.
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