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Originally Posted by Imp View Post

Now this is just a thought & aimed more I think at Don & Andy, would it be possible to add the following feature to the map editor to aid with visualising terrain filling.

Auto fill text on the WINSPmap for the coordinates listed on the map.
i.e. from top right 0,0 4,0 8,0 etc.
After the map is completed by my understanding pressing # will clear all the text strings.
This could therefor be implemented if its possible by a key stroke or even SHIFT#
I assume you would want that to match game map hex with map hex ?

The game map will display the hex co-ordinates when you mouse over the hex but game maps will NEVER be 100% " earth like" so use a print-out of the map as a guildline in building your game map. There is no point in trying to be 100% as it CAN NEVER BE 100%. What this allows a game map maker to do is already is akin to " Scotty, beam me up" compared to what the original SSI game offered. What Tuomas has created here would have been pie-in-the-sky science fiction in 1997
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