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Default Re: BETA: PLEI ME version1.0

Pyros said:
Are the friendly support elements enough?
hmm...I don't know, this depends on player experience and ambition I think. I've been trying to sweep the area outside the wire but I'm getting cut to ribbons. Turn 28 now, base defence won't last much longer - northern group falling apart and the core force along with two Aux platoons fighting outside the wire are taking heavy losses. My HQ just got wiped out by VC sappers popping up in our midst... so that's pretty much that.

Is it possible to leave the VHs outside the wire and just stick with defending the base? Even if it automatically results in a minor defeat...?

Pyros said:What about the friendly ammo containers (management)
What about the friendly AUX mortars?
Works fine. Maybe the Ammo dumps near the outer line of trenches could be changed to ammo bunkers or moved back. They tend to blow up and cause losses to the troops. I let the ammo dump crews bail out to prevent them from blowing up...

Pyros said:Do you think that I should put the NVA spawn location more to the rear (10-15) hexes with a turn entrance 5-10 turns earlier (in order to avoid spawn too close to their VP locations)?
Maybe yes... but wait for some other input before you change anything, I have some trouble finding a good defence tactic in this situation, others might have better solutions.

Having NVA/VC spawn in various locations probably isn't unhistorical - AFAIK they initiated most firefights, which is exactly what they will do when reinforcing close to a player unit...
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