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Default Re: The Days Complete

Part 9 (Turn 51-56, end)

Due to Kornet ATGMs causing casualties to my BMPs, I decide to make the attack at crossroads dismounted. Thanks to numbers and accurate artillery firing, I manage to capture the crossroads at turn 53. In Markiny, the village remains contested, with the northern side occupied by Russians and the southern by Poles. These were the final offensive actions of the scenario, as it ends at turn 56. The final dispositions can be seen in the following 3 maps, In addition to the line indicating the limit of the Russian advance:

The western side of the battlefield.

The center of the final dispositions. Here the last Polish counterattack that gave the crossroads to them, as well as the final pushes in Markiny are visible as well

The right side. Behind the Russian line there are a couple of depleted squads and an artillery observer. The latter is the other unsung hero of the battlefield, since thanks to him remaining in a wooden building for the whole battlefield, accurate artillery fire could cause significant casualties to the Russian forces.

And the final score is as follows:

And some equipment losses in particular are:

Tanks lost: 27
BMPs: 67
BRDMs: 13
Spike ATGMs: 8
Mortars: 3
Artillery: 5
AA (not MANPADS): 5
Aircraft: 7

Units-wise, the 1/1 mech company defending Kiertyny Male and the 2/1 mech company defending Kiertyny Duze were practically destroyed, as well as the 1st Tank Company (so in essence, all of the 1st line forces). Also destroyed was the Border Squadron, while the recon company lost all their vehicles but still had some dismounted scouts in the rear of the Russian forces. 3/1 mech company and 4/1 mech company had about 50% casualties and lost all of their vehicles, while the companies of the 2nd Battalion lying mostly in reserve had minimal casualties in personnel but lost around 25% of their BMPs, mostly due to air strikes and artillery. 2nd and 3rd tank company suffered around 50% losses. The rest of the casualties were in artillery and AA as can be seen above.

Tanks: 27
BTRs: 82
BRDMs: 8
Tank Destroyers: 6
AA (not MANPADS): 6
Aircraft: 4

Now did I win or not? The objectives according to the scenario designer were:

-Cause at least 35000 points of damage. Failed
-Prevent the capture of any of the two bridges. Succeeded.
-Lose fewer than 18000 points. Succeeded.
-Cause at least 45000 points of damage and destroy my enemy. Failed.

Now I guess the scenario objectives are cumulative, so I probably achieved a minor win (though with 30K points of damage caused, it is very close to a major win). The Russians failed to capture their objective, but they still have substantial forces to try a second time.

I will post one final post making a short analysis of the battle soon.
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