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Originally Posted by SaS TrooP View Post
This got me ASMR, since I have just discovered that someoone made a detailed AAR based on my scenario <3

I still have tears in my eyes that I decided to make it up-down orientation (following the actual world around Bartoszyce). Should I make it standard left-right there would be no need for waypoints and AI should be much less predictable. Never the less it is good to see it working enough so people want to make AARs on this!
With all due respect SaSTrooP, IMHO i don't see anything wrong about that, it's an excellent kickass scenario as most of your other scenarios for WINSPWW2 and WINSPMBT. I started PBEM this scenario ("The Days Complete") a while ago but forfeit it halfway thru, and i really enjoyed the tank and ATGM duels. If anyone should complain about this or any other of your scenarios, maybe you could encourage them to embark on scenario design themselves.

Don't hurt yourself too much about your designs because as you probably would have sorted out or known by now as well is that user created scenarios have been somewhat limited since the early days of SP1 and SP2. I'm firmly convinced this relates to the fact that newcomers to Steel Panthers (as with any other game for that matter) expect more to have a "finished" product rather than a sandbox tactical simulation where you can design your own battles and share them with fellow armchair colonels and majors.
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