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Default Re: West German considerations

The 1XX load capacity means it can carry a gun or mortar team up to XX crew in size. 103 would be a very small team - like a single 60mm mortar, say. Most Jeeps are 106, as the HQ team is 6, and allows an 81mm mortar team (usually) - maybe not a mortar section (8 crew + mortar = 108 load cost).

2XX is the load indicator for vehicles of weight up to XX, in load units (vehicle weight) or men. 2XX is usually seen in landing barges.

The variable is a byte. An unsigned byte is 0-255, so a transport (say a Hercules) which carries vehicles would be say 240 or so to allow a Sheridan to be kicked out the back door, but not M1s, but only would carry 40 paratroopers. So some OOBs have a "vehicle" Hercules with 2XX, and a "people dropper" version with 180 or so carry capacity, which will allow more (80) paras or mortars etc to be dropped than the 40 of the vehicle dropper. So if there are 2 versions offered, ensure you have the correct one for your use case.

A unit with 0XX (0 not shown) will only be able to pick up people, not what the game classes as guns, ie howitzers, mortars, ATG.

(On the purchase screen, a * is added to the name of guns which require a 1XX load factor. Heavier guns used to be ** but AFAIR, we rationalised on one * for all guns.)

The load cost calculation is non-intuitive, but once you have it in your head it makes sense.
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