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Default Re: New player: struggling to overcome entrenched enemies

I'm somewhat late to the discussion but I would like to add some comments.

1. Time and Space has always been a big consideration in operations, so I think the reason for 19 turns is intended to simulate certain conditions. In this case, it's intended that you make the attempt through the road directly towards the town.

2. This scenario is great for teaching Battalion level tactics, as you have a rifle company for maneuvre and some mortars and howitzers for indirect fire. I would task organise such that most of the maneuvre elements go directly under the company commander.

3. CO's position and Arty prepared fires. To support the attack towards the town, I would place him where he's able to observe the trenchline as well as the hill in the centre. Smoke is the best way to move units forward quickly. All the prepared fires are spots which he can observe from his current position.

4. I would place the MGs near the CO. And though their max range is 1.2km, I prefer to use them nearer 900m as their accuracy improves. So I start them in their cav transport so that they can deploy quickly.

5. I would move the scouts to the treeline first and let them sit there before the rest of the company comes up. The company will move with the engineers leading, so that any minefields can be spotted and removed or moved around if necessary.

6. The company commander is kept close to the lead elements, so that if the engineers are under fire, there's extra commander to rally them.
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