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Default Re: Battle Simulator!

---Cut shorter so my reply is not 5 pages long---
Originally posted by Gandalf Parker:

To change the battle, learn how to edit the .map file.
I am in the precess of writing a web-based senario editor so people don't have to know anything (And more importantly MP games can start with a province draft).

Originally posted by Gandalf Parker:
There are 1,010 units available in the game.

Part of the .map file reads like this...
#setland 2
#commander 1010
#bodyguards 15 1006
#units 100 1002
#additem "Ice Pebble Staff"

That sets the attention on Province 2, puts unit numbered 1010 into that province and makes him a commander, gives him 15 bodyguards of unit-number 1006, gives him 100 troops of unit-number 1002, and gives the commander an Ice Pebble Staff.

Things which still need to be done by others.........

A) make this map prettier, maybe even make a unique one instead of just a stolen part of the eye map.
I have the artistic talent of a rock so this is for someone else.

Originally posted by Gandalf Parker:
B) come up with a really fun huge battle to use instead of the first one I stopped at

C) write a program that lets people select their armies and writes the .map file for it. maybe select magic items also? maybe even show them what they are selecting? (for now you can use the AllUnits games and Items spreadsheets done by others to look things up)
I'm all over this one this.
I do however need a few things;
1) A speadsheet or MS Access DB of the Unit Numbers / Names / GP and Supply Cost / Default Nation
2) An updated Item Spreadsheet with Item Name / Cost / Level Requirements
3) An updated Site Spreadsheet.

Originally posted by Gandalf Parker:

D) patiently explain to me how this doesnt really solve the problem in case I thought it did

E) give me a better rating on this board
Don't feel bad about your rating. No one has even bothered to rate me yet.

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