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Default Re: Battle Simulator!

Originally posted by Gandalf Parker:
A number of people have pulled this down. Is it working toward its intention? Whats lacking?

Should the .map file itself have more instructions and explanation in it about what the commands are doing?

Do people need easier access to the MapEdit docs?

Should I include an example of how to define a nation using the .map file such as what castle, how much defence, what god they have and what abilities that god would have? (which would allow you to setup the non-playable natins abit more)
I admit I downloaded the files a few days ago, and only today did I try having a look and launching test games.

What's missing is more comments, both in the direction of "you can add this or that" and "here's how you set this up". I tried to find out what the land types are, but no luck... I also need a list of unit names to load into Emacs, but I guess I'll have to do this myself.

Can anyone from Illwinter or Shrapnel give us a better idea of what this "Map Editor" function will do in the full Version? (In other words - is it worth the trouble to learn how to edit the map by hand, or will the in-game function let us do it all, only by pointing and clicking?)
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