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Default Re: ZOOM-IN of LZ_X-ray with color

Hi Remco,

No, Actually the LZ X-ray scenario should be released as a stand alone scenario as soon as possible (ASAP).
Although it will be included in the campaign, the stand alone scenario should depend on just historical units, deployed in the historical locations and we have to achieve the maximum historical accuracy (leader names, modified experiences, weapons etc...)

All needed modifications (of the units, etc) should be made in order to achieve the best possible historical simulation.

This is why I insist in this one so much.

After we finish it we may promote it as a 99% historical simulation of the battle of LZ X-ray.

So far (I think that there isn't any game in this engine or other PC game) that will have acquired this kind of historical (and map) accuracy...

After we finish that scenario, we will resume normally the campaign.
Of course this scenario (the map and most of the NVA & US formations) will also be used in the campaign; ToO No1 / chapter3).

Anyway, this stand alone scenario will be our first test to find out what is the level of professionalism (quality of work) that we may aim at...

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