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Default Re: A scenario I made many years ago won't open in scenario selection.

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
When you open it with Scenhack does it report there is a problem with it ?

There have been numerous upgrades to the game since " quite a few years ago" and the only reason the old scenarios and campaigns in the game still work is I updated them every release. Don Lazov ( Zovs66 ) knows only too well the pitfalls of trying to resurrect old scenarios that have not been updated with every new release so this one of yours may be lost for the same reasons many of the ones he tried to resurrect could not be. You can post it if you like and if/when I have time I may look at it but sometimes there is simply nothing that can bring them back
Hi Don, No, no errors are reported, in Scenhack, which is weird? Man, I remember back when we were developing SPWAW, I was the graphics/oob guy back then, good to see your game is still alive, I now play SPWW2/SPMBT because you guys keep it going, appreciate it! Do I zip it and post here, or?
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