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Default Infantry LMGs

Is there a set rationale for statting out infantry support weapons the way you did? Some choices I can understand--the MG3's awesome rate of fire earning it an HE rating of 10--but others aren't easy to fathom. (The M60 with Acc 18/HEK 5, the Bren with Acc 21/HEK 5 despite being very different weapons? The RPK-74 and L86 LSW both having very high Acc 25+ and HEK 4, but the M27 IAR having the same stats as the M1918 BAR at Acc 17/HEK 5?)

Because, correct me if I'm wrong, it appears that the various support-type weapons were coded in without standardization, and now there are some distinct oddities in how they perform. If so, it may be a good idea to plonk down some ground rules on Acc and HEK ratings for them, to reflect how--for instance--a belt-fed M60 can sustain a lot more firepower than an M14A1 SAW.
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