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Default Re: Gotta AI problem here and I could use some help

This tool looks lovely! And is quick and easy to use, I believe I may try it in future scenarios. Sadly, this does not solve my problem with this scenario I'm having.

I tested Pyros' guide on tank battalion. Tanks are doing well, his system probably works well. It seems nothing is left for me than to apply it to the rest of the 450 units brigade.
I should be done by around 2025. DO you still plan to update the game by then?

One more question though: I got some units coming in as reinforcements. I read the guide on waypoints, but something worries me. My waypoint "line" is not going from unit which will appear on map, but its going from very top-left corner of the map (from grey area). Should I be worried? I would like to know that before I put 120 waypoints for this unit.

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