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Default Re: Gotta AI problem here and I could use some help

Originally Posted by SaS TrooP View Post

One more question though: I got some units coming in as reinforcements. I read the guide on waypoints, but something worries me. My waypoint "line" is not going from unit which will appear on map, but its going from very top-left corner of the map (from grey area). Should I be worried? I would like to know that before I put 120 waypoints for this unit.
I had this happen to me numerous times and with help from board members figured it out. Non-APC units should not do this. Check for that. If the units that start their first waypoint go up/left most, they are probably a command leg unit (first squad of a company/platoon). Simply place the loaded APC where you want it, then unload it. Go to the command screen and set your waypoints and they should work. When all waypoints are completed, go back and load the units to their APC. I've also seen this with air defense leg units in an APC platoon/coy. If you get the way off first waypoint, go and unload them and simply follow the same procedure.

This may not be according to the manual, but it works for me.

If you don't correct it, I think the unit will move to the first waypoint (off map) before on map waypoints. Not my area, but I know I had units rolling past the course I set them.


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