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Default Re: Hot Keys - Quick Reference Sheet

Originally Posted by Ironfist View Post
Sorry guys. I checked the "Q" hotkey. It IS "end of turn". Maybe I need some memory-enhancing pills.
No you don't need pills, just a handy Hot Key quick reference sheet...or perhaps a Shrapnel Games coffee mug with SP 'hot keys' printed on it

One of the reasons I decided to make this - apart from my own limited memory - was a long time SP player (at the Blitz wargaming club) wasn't aware that you could manually control Smoke Dischargers Then another guy said he only found out about them because he went to Fire at a tank, missed the 'F' key and accidently pressed the 'D' key

I didn't know until recently that you could turn off smoke dischargers (just like weapons) preserving SD ammo and keeping them from firing at inopportune moments.
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