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Default Re: Help on controlling the AI please

Yeah, I've pulled a few "tricks" by taking advantage of the AI always moving units is purchase order.
Like buying all the scout units first then assigning them to companies further down the purchase order so all the scouts will move before any combat unit does.
Or making sure support weapons (MG's, AT weapons) are last in a formation so they'll be available if some unit that moves earlier triggers an op fire.
As to having units stay put during meeting engagements - I'm working with a heavily reinforced infantry battalion (a "standard" Marine Expeditionary Unit). So the scenarios tend to be long (40 to 90 turns) because I allow time for reconnaissance, movement to contact, then infantry speed assault. Since most WinSPMBT scenarios are either armor assaults or smaller then this they're much shorter then mine (side note, one of my pet peeves with many scenarios is the tight time restrictions that require you to do banzai charges).
All that said I often "need" them to stay pit for 60 or more turns and 50 is the limit using using reaction. I found out that manually setting unit speed to zero to get them to stay put means they won't op fire or often even fire back when fired on. If anyone knows of a way to get units to stay in place for 60+ turns I'd be more then happy to hear it.
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