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Default Early Observations/Thoughts

Over all I like it a good "Beer and Pretzels" game, Some thoughts/suggestions. I understand I have limited experience with the game so what I’m writing here might change. If anyone sees anything I’ve noted that’s wrong please correct me as I’ve only played about three games so far. With the suggestions I’m not trying to kick down the barn here folks, really just things that IMHO could make it better with future mods. Everyone has different flavors as to what they like, but that said…

1. While Strategically there are some differences between units with respect to movement, those differences at seems to evaporate with the units capabilities on the tactical battlefield. For instance in combat a Rocket Battery can damage an aircraft unit and a SAM can take on an Tank unit. Might suggest later versions have combat factors for land vs. air and land vs. land. Don’t have much sea battle experience yet.

2. It might be easier to distinguish units Tech level if the icon were a progressively better unit. For example if Rocket Artillery I were an Honest John; Rocket Artillery II were a Lance; and Rocket Artillery III were the M270 MRLS unit depicted. Another example, Tank I might be a M47 Patton, II an M60, and III an M1A2, again just a suggestion.

3. The fighter and bomber units are the most powerful in the game, and dominate the tactical battlefield. Land units are necessary to take and hold the territory but only in some much as a few are necessary.

4. If you don't need large massed units, try to come at heavily defended territories from multiple territories with a balanced mix of forces from each territory. What this does on the tactical battlefield is to give you multiple units of a certain type. For instance if you enter Territory “X” from Territory “Y” with 6 fighters on the tactical battlefield you have one fighter unit with 6 steps. Now if instead you enter the Territory with 6fighters but 2 each from 3 neighboring territories now you have 3fighter units with 2 steps each. This will allow the fighters to cover more territory than be one massed unit. There are pros and cons both ways. BTW, same possibilities go for any units but especially the faster Bombers, Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers.

5. Infantry and Rocket Artillery units are slow; create a Fabrication Unit near the territory you are about to assault and only build the infantry you need for that assault, and maybe some neighboring territories.

6. Tank and Armored Personnel units can move faster than infantry, all three are good for probing territory but remember the infantry will fall behind without transport.

7 Surveillance Aircraft seem to have no use on the tactical battlefield don’t bring them into a combat. Their role seems to be to allow you to “see” future into other territories, thus they are good to keep with your recon/probing land/air units.
Again, just early observations on my part. Also a question is there a real world map, and will there be a scenario editor? I'd love to create some real world scenarios to post, like a World War IV with a Middle Eastern, Russian, Asian Communist, Asian Western, European, United States/North American, South American, and African Alliances.
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