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Default Re: Multiplayer issues

My problems were that the game produced graphical errors when you have other regional settings than English (USA), I'm German, and number formats are a bit different in the German regional settings. So textures for effects were totally messed up and I had no real effects neither in combat nor on the world map. Malfador fixed this problem in version 1.06, but I really kept in contact with them since the first version of the game until they figured this out. Sent them screenshots, updated all my drivers etc., but only changing the regional settings could fix this problem. Thanks to patch 1.06 I don't have to change them anymore. Hmm, I think they are allowed to post in the forums, but not encouraged to do this. Maybe Camouflage have more people to do this job.
But hey, since your players with Multiplayer are clearly of technical nature, too, you should really mail Malfador directly. Then they can tell you how to change settings so that you get logs you can send them via E-Mail. I had to do this, too (although the problems I had couldn't be detected this way). Contacting them over Shrapnel support surely takes more time, guys!
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