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Default Re: Usa 1980-2020 Mod

Originally Posted by Suhiir View Post
Originally Posted by MarkSheppard View Post
Originally Posted by Suhiir View Post
I still keep thinking I want to do something from a book I once read.
Basically aliens with 2016 tech invade Earth in 1943.
You mean the Race from Harry Turtledove's WORLD WAR series?
Sounds right, been a few years since I read it.
But the idea is very interesting and should be fairly easy to do with WinSPMBT. Just make a custom OOB in one of the R&D slots (so you don't have to over-ride the default OOBs) and create a campaign.
Please, please, PLEASE, do somethin' like this. I was hoping to do this myself, but I'm a lazy idiot who can't make my own units. I'd gladly play through a campaign of this type. Heck, make a 1960s campaign as well, maybe. I mean, the first four books covered the invasion, then he released three more that covered colonization and ((SPOILERS)) Nazi Germany vs The Race. My God that series was amazing.
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