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Default Re: Usa 1980-2020 Mod

Originally Posted by lukerduker123 View Post
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You mean the Race from Harry Turtledove's WORLD WAR series?
Sounds right, been a few years since I read it.
But the idea is very interesting and should be fairly easy to do with WinSPMBT. Just make a custom OOB in one of the R&D slots (so you don't have to over-ride the default OOBs) and create a campaign.
Please, please, PLEASE, do somethin' like this. I was hoping to do this myself, but I'm a lazy idiot who can't make my own units. I'd gladly play through a campaign of this type. Heck, make a 1960s campaign as well, maybe. I mean, the first four books covered the invasion, then he released three more that covered colonization and ((SPOILERS)) Nazi Germany vs The Race. My God that series was amazing.
Such kind of war actually happens a lot in Civilization games
especially with the lower difficulty levels. Or in higher difficulty levels, often you would catch the "barbarians" on the New World still wielding axes and horses while you surprise them with grenadiers & flintlock rifles. With a certain mod (I play Civ 4 BTS + Legends of Revolution mod) you can even deploy mech robots on these poor stone age warriors.
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