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Default WIP Campaign - Gateway to Asia

This has been in the works for quite a while now, probably the most complex campaign I made yet. Would be really nice if people could give it a go and give feedback.

"Gateway to Asia"

German Campaign

July 28th 1942 - November 08th 1942

Design by Ts4EVER

"If I don't get the oil of Maikop and Grozny, then I must liquidate the war." - Adolf Hitler, 1st June 1942

Having been convinced by Goering that seizing the oil of the Caucasus was the solution to the War in the East, on 5 April 1942 Hitler issued Fuehrer Directive 41, which specified that his aim was ‘to wipe out the entire defence potential remaining to the Soviets, and to cut them off, as far as possible, from their most important centres of war industry’. To wit, the directive
ordered that ‘all available forces will be concentrated on the main operations in the Southern sector, with the aim of destroying the enemy before the Don, in order to secure the Caucasian oilfields and the passes through the Caucasus Mountains themselves’.

This campaign consists of three acts, each with three scenarios.
You only receive repair points at the end of each act.
You only have to win the last scenario in each act in order to progress through the campaign, but winning a marginal victory or better in the earlier scenarios gives you advantages in the later ones.
Your force consists of a Panzer Kompanie and an armoured Panzergrenadier Kompanie with some scout cars attached and represents the spearhead of 23. Panzer Division. Expanding your core force will not be necessary, however, upgrading some tanks with better armed models is recommended.
Note that you will receive 1 victory point for every 100 repair points not spent at the end of the campaign.
The campaign was designed with an intermediate player in mind.
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