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Default Re: WIP Campaign - Gateway to Asia

Scenario 01: Arbuzov

12.15 Uhr, Radio message to Division:
“Burmeister an ARBUZOV angetreten. Brücke südwestl. Ortschaft mit Masse überschritten. No enemy.”

12.30 Uhr, Radio message from 6./PzRgt 201 to Kampfgruppe:

“Grahn! Achtung! Feind greift mit 20-30 Panzer an! They are T-34s!”

Turn 1-18

Kompanien Grahn and Ott deploy south of the village while Fechner (PzIIf) is held in reserve. Fechner now numbers only three running tanks. Lieher brings his dismounted rifle squads into the village. A wave of Russian tanks, mostly T-34s, crash into the killing ground set up by the II./PzRgt 201. Fehrenberg, commanding the single PzIV Lang, opens up at long range and picks off three enemy tanks but a Russian panzergranate – one of few fired in return – hits Fehrenberg penetrating his front. Einst das treulose Glück, Fehrenberg and his entire crew is killed. The PzIV Lang is a total loss.

The Russian tanks attack into the fire of Grahn and Ott's tank companies and are massacred. A few attempt to escape the carnage but most are destroyed when Grahn initiates the pursuit. More than 30 Soviet tanks litter the fields south of ARBUZOV.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Being a little cautious the Russian tank attack took time to defeat leaving me with few turns to spare in order to take the Soviet Victory Hex...

I'm not sure what the secret objective was. (I did not kill off the Soviet HQ).

No problems with units or the map.
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