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Default Re: thermal imaging...

Crews will abandon immobilised AFV if their morale is low - whether because they are the last tank of their platoon, the tank is heavily damaged, they are heavily suppressed or they know enemy is nearby, especially enemy infantry. Also if everybody around them is in retreat or worse, and/or they are isolated with known enemy nearby.

A track hit on an AFV which throws a bad morale result can lead to it immediately spitting out its surviving crew. If the track hit was the result of artillery or air bombardment then that can subsequently take out the crew.

Aircraft are only really worth the bother if you have swarms of them. SEAD planes can be useful for destroying enemy AAA units, if you buy some then buy them before the strike air so their effects come first and help the other planes. SEAD would likely only be bought if I had like 8 or 9 or more flights, and decided to spend the support points on them - i.e. an assault or an attack.

A few planes are usually not much cop - the flak may well handle those. It depends, in the early era with low ECM values on the AAA and SAMs they can do well.

I played a PBEM against a guy who forgot to buy any air defence one time, and his T-62s were the ones without an AAMG. My 2 hunters made hay in that battle!.

Air power is useful because it allows you to concentrate firepower in an operational area from hundreds of miles away. But SP battles are tactical - the points are generally better spent on artillery, though attack helos are an exception if they have good ATGM, and good EW rating.

AIrcraft are a great help if attacking or assaulting though - they can spot the enemy defenders for you.

But air power should always be uses en masse, not in driblets except against an insurgent enemy with only a few AAAMG and a couple of strelas.

In SP games, your artillery is always available and its far more dependable than planes which may decide to strafe an AAA vehicle or a truck, or even unload ordnance on your own guys. Artillery is also more persistent - a battery has 50+ shells per gun.
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