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Default Extremely Large Map (ELM) Feasibility.

Good Evening everyone,

Got a multi faceted question for you all in the hive mind.

1) Are insanely massive maps feasible? Time constraints are of no issue here. I do also understand the massive undertaking of such a map. Or even a series of said maps.

2) How well are logistics modelled? I know I will need ammunition resupply on my units, but will the AI automatically rearm theirs? Or after a 4-5km running tank battle, will their armor run winchester but continue to try to advance? Is there a mod or something that adds a fuel requirement? Or is it in game and I have just missed it with my special eyes.

3) Does anyone still do PBEM? If so, I would love to get together with a more veteran map maker and collaborate on something like this.

Thank you all for any assistance in this matter you can offer me. I just re-re-re-reread Red Storm Rising and have hankering to build some missions off the book and see what I can come up with for my own battles. Maybe cover other major engagements that were not covered in the book.

FYI, I have been playing SP on and off since the old DOS days. Watched my dad play once, and have been hooked since! Long Live SP!
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