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Default Re: Could some nuclear weapons be simulated in WinSPMBT?

Ha read about years ago & no chance, if I remember both are actually pretty rubbsh as explosives due to only just managng critical mass they relied on being a bit dirty & the radiation doing the killing.
The explosive element is probably modelable affecting 3-5 hexes across but what about the radiation.
Anyone not in a hard target wthin 10 hexes of should die the next turn.
Those say 11-15 hexes away should suffer big moral issues to represent nasseau & die in say 3-5 turns
16-20 hexes similar but not so bad etc.

Also seem to remember they were wildly inacurate & laughably because it never occured to anyone unless the wind was blowing in the right direction the firer was toast as he was within range of the radiation.