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Default Re: Could some nuclear weapons be simulated in WinSPMBT?

Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Ha read about years ago & no chance, if I remember both are actually pretty rubbsh as explosives due to only just managng critical mass they relied on being a bit dirty & the radiation doing the killing.
The explosive element is probably modelable affecting 3-5 hexes across but what about the radiation.
Anyone not in a hard target wthin 10 hexes of should die the next turn.
Those say 11-15 hexes away should suffer big moral issues to represent nasseau & die in say 3-5 turns
16-20 hexes similar but not so bad etc.

Also seem to remember they were wildly inacurate & laughably because it never occured to anyone unless the wind was blowing in the right direction the firer was toast as he was within range of the radiation.
Actually for purposes of a tactical game the radiation effects are negligible.
If you're close enough to, and unprotected from, radiation effects enough to take 10,000 rads (enough to kill you in minutes) the blast and thermal radiation (heat) will have turned you into paste or one of those famous shadows on the wall long before radiation poisoning is an issue.
3000 rads will kill you in about 48 hours, but WinSPMBT battles don't last that long.
As to the psychological effects on troops, it's really a matter of how well informed and trained they are. If they're prone to panic from a nuclear blast they're just as likely to panic from getting nailed by a B-52 ArcLite or a battery of TOS-1 Buratino's.

All that said, I agree with Don...but I'd press the "off" switch on my computer rather then the "end turn" one.
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