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Fallout Re: Could some nuclear weapons be simulated in WinSPMBT?

The Neutron Bomb was the only modern era and I believe last tactical nuke we considered. It was determined that though it was very effective in not causing damage to infrastructure especially in an urban setting and very deadly to enemy soldiers the problem was you would've had highly motivated troops in undamaged equipment running around with nothing to lose at least not for about 14-30 days depending on distance from the blast area. The 8 inch versions tested in the mid to late fifties would wipe out most standard maps in game use and forget about your core units moving on to gain further experience in your next battle in a campaign-they'd be dead by then. There are numerous pictures on the web of USA troops within about 10 miles of those artillery delivered nukes going off in Nevada or New Mexico. The long term outcome was not very good for most of them. I believe a major settlement was reached with the survivors in the early eighties I think. I'm glad we never went there from the air, ground or sea.