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Default Re: SEIV Risk Mod game on PBW

brianeyci said:
Hrm. Why can you build at 2400 minerals per turn,
I didn't change that because it wasn't neccesary. It doesn't matter how much the space yards could build in a turn, only that you can build one ship per turn. And I accomplised that by making the ships really cheap.
and why do you get minerals per turn on your space yard.
You don't get any minerals from the space yards. You incoming resources are the same no matter how many planets you have.
Wouldn't a more accurate modelling be getting 1 mineral per turn per planet, and ships costing one mineral or something (or a multiple of 20000 since you start out with 20000 resources).

Wouldn't make any difference for the mod. You'd still get one ship per turn per space yard, and that's all I was concerned about.
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