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Default Re: SEV 1.08, Balance Mod 0.91

Turn 2401.5:
Researched: Crystallurgy 2, Crystalline Weapons 1, Bombardment Weapons 1

The Amon'krie never seemed to recover from the initial pounding I gave their homeworld. I sent my fleet home, resupplied it, and sent it back to pound their homeworld again. Once again, I couldn't do much damage, but it did damage them enough to prevent them building up a fleet against me.

For some reason, they still hadn't declared war on me, though their mood went to murderous.

Realizing that I just didn't have the firepower yet to take out a homeworld, I researched bombardment weapons along with Crystalline weapons.

(Side note: imagine my utter annoyance, when, after spending 90,0000 points in research, I was rewarded with a torpedo that was less effective than the silly level 1 capital missile I started with! Grrr)

After researching bombardment weapons, I constructed a couple of planet-killer ships armed with 4 planetary napalms each. On 2401.5, my new fleet arrived at the Amon'krie homeworld and glassed it to rubble. The Amon'krie finally declared war on me.

I'd gotten a few scout ships through during this time and explored some surrounding systems, but had been too focused on warfare to build any colony ships. Now that it was just a matter of mopping up the Amon'krie, it was time to embark on colonization again.

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