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Default Re: War Plan Pacific - first few games

Overall it was a crushing victory.[/quote]

All this seems hard to believe. But if it happened as you say, either you are a very good player or the Allied AI is not very good.

I'm still playing my first game, and going rather slowly, trying to figure things out. And though I have stabilized the oil situation, as the Japanese the battle report shows, things as being pretty even. I've lost more ships than the Allies.

One thing I haven't done at all is just go and try and invade every Allied base I can. I'm trying to move more methodically, building up my jumping-off bases to major status until I decide to invade.

Of course I'm only six or so months into the game.

Twice the Allies have attacked the Home Islands, once forcing the patrol rule.

Seems to me that from your description the Allies hardly attacked, and if they did, the attacks were unwise.

I have not witnessed the same in my game, though again, I'm still early in the contest.

Maybe you should run an online game with some experienced player, to see how you fare, with each taking the other side.

From your description I don't think you'd want me as an opponent. I'm really not all that good in these types of games, and maybe that's why I keep playing them.

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