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Lightbulb The Slow Cooker thread of Scallywag's Revival

Well, I've finally "gotten there" in terms of getting situated, so soon I shall beging the C++/Libs and artistic wranglings in terms of learning what I'll need to know from the very beginning to breathe some life back into this very worthy looking game as well as many others in an order to be determined. That said, this one and one other have some weight in their favor since I DID buy them and all,

This will take awhile, but it is in my interest to be as expedient as I can. One can check the Roguetemple board's general section to see a bit of what I mean on that...

Biggest thing is the forum continuing to exist whilst I scramble around!

Bid me some success folks, as luck won't exactly do the trick if I don't get fully done in the grand scheme of it all.
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