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Default Re: Multiplayer issues

Originally Posted by Skirmisher View Post
Originally Posted by ScottWAR View Post

Support ticket sent to Shrapnel.

What will that accomplish?

Can you get a refund?
Actually its the way shrapnel wants to handle support.

In their answer to me they state they that DO NOT want their developers posting in the forums.

Sounds kinda backwards to me. Why would you want to make it appear the devolper never bothers to post in his games forums? Do you WANT potential customers to come here and see people asking questions, never getting answers, and getting the impression Aaron ignores his customers? Because thats exactly what is happening here......

One of the things I hear all the time about game developers is whether or not they communicate with their customers. To make it appear that Aaron doesnt communicate with his customers.....ON a real good way to get a bad reputation started,...and a good way to prevent sales.
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