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Originally Posted by Gregstrom View Post
Possibly having 6 environment variables is too many though... it could become too easy to end up in games where all the players had such different preferences that nobody needed to fight each other.
Agreed, drop Causticity and Air Pressure, the other 4 are bigger concerns and provide enough complexity.

I didn't think much of race design in the SE games either - the MOO2 system of checkboxes for preferences and predilections allowed a whole lot of variety while still encouraging competition for resources, and the Stars! system of sliders did the same in a different way. I'd like to see something more like Stars! myself, as far as race design goes. It was fun and a little unusual.
Well I don't know about SE5, but SE4 got both, levelled sliders for basic attributes, and check-boxes for some advanced options (specialist technology, less fuel use, emotionless populations).

BTW, could you maybe get me some screens of the MOO2 and Stars! race design screens, they seem remarkably hard to come by on the net.
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