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Default Ceramic Armor values (MEXAS or AMAP)

I am sure this has been discussed before but, I am rusty on converting armor in the game.

I am wondering about how to consistently convert ceramic (add-on) armor.

Does it increase the base steel armor value or the heat armor value or a combination of both?

Also, there are different version (light, medium and heavy) depending on the vehicle it is used on and the level of protection you want.

I know the Leopard C2 and the Leopard 2RI and 2T use it and it seems the T-14 but, I could not determine the conversion for the armor. Also I know more of the newer AFV use this type of armor. It does seem to influence the HEAT armor more but, how much?

Slat armor influences HEAT armor but, that is a straight 35 multiplier. ERA is 1-10 for standard and 11+ for advanced. US is mostly 4 while Russian is 7+.

I am messing with upgrading an AFV like the Bradley (AMPV) with it and wanted to compare it to slat, ERA or ceramic style armor.

Thank you.
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